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Eurovision Songcontest 2013 - Watch it with us! :D

*waves to everyone*

So, this Saturday is an event once called “The European Super Bowl” (because most Europeans don’t get the Super Bowl, kinda vice versa :p). Our Super Bowl is called Eurovision Songcontest, and it’s, well, a song contest.
Once it was a contest with each country performing a song in its own folk tradition, but it became a pop and spectacular media event with lots of weirdness, fun and curious things to see and definitely to hear.
Unlike the US and the Super Bowl, we Europeans don’t take the ESC very seriously, though. ;)

It’ll be this Saturday 18.05.2013, 21:00 CET!

Last year, I watched it, and had a great ESC party on twitter with friends who watched it, too.

This year, I’d like to invite you all to watch it with us.

I’d like to set up a Skype chat or call, or we only meet in an open chat room to talk and laugh about the songs and performances!

On the official ESC site will be a stream for everyone to watch (after you installed some small add-on).
To get a taste of what it is like, you can also watch the semi-finals this evening. Head this way to do so. ;)

I’d love if people from around the world would meet up with us and have fun with this. It’s really an event, even though you can’t understand what some of the songs are about. :p

Leave a comment or write a PM, and if you like a suggestion where and how to meet online.
I’m looking forward to you and Saturday! :D

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